Crafted - Drinks - Cup of coffee

Coffee that’s great all round

At The Cart & Horses, we’re committed to serving you the very best food and drink we can. Our devotion leads us to wonderful suppliers who share our passion for quality and flavour. Like UK independent Paddy & Scott’s, who we get our sustainable coffee beans from. Whether you’re sipping a latte or espresso, you’ll notice the chocolate, nut and dried fruit flavours that are instrumental to a smooth, rich finish. Fancy something sweet? Why not add a shot of salted caramel or vanilla to any of our hot drinks.

Crafted - Drinks - Bartender making a Iced Latte

The fairest coffee around

Paddy & Scott’s also share our passion for fairness. Whether it’s British farmers or sustainable coffee, we believe in doing what’s right. Our coffee partners back community projects in Ethiopia, Brazil and Vietnam. They also co-own the Muchomba coffee farm in Kenya. This ensures more profit goes to the farmers. Better still, revenues help with refurbishing the local school and providing meals for the kids. Paddy & Scott’s call it Fairer Trade 2.0, and we’re fully behind it. So every time you order a cappuccino or mocha, you know you’re supporting the people in Kenya who’ve picked the beans. That’s pretty amazing, isn’t it?